IPTV for TV Operators

Our video streaming networks are the ideal solution whether you are already operating an existing TV Network, migrating from another IPTV/OTT provider or are just entering the online video streaming world. Turman Tech’s Solutions offer the flexibility to scale up as your user base grows.

Advantages of a video streaming platform.

With the increasing global internet connectivity, IPTV/OTT Networks have gained inherent advantages over older TV broadcasting solution (e.g. cable, satellite).
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Reach a larger audience

Mobile Apps options and worldwide access increase your user target base.
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High-value, low price

OTT networks solutions are usually cheaper with more flexibility than traditional satellite infrastructure.

Flexible Monetization options

Flexibility to choose a monetization model that fits your market.

How OTT Platforms work ?

Over-the-Top (OTT) Internet television involves the delivery of video content from video service providers to end users over the Internet. OTT services can then be accessed by anyone who has a suitable high-speed connection to the Internet.

Turman Technology is composed of a team of experts in the field of OTT/IPTV and will provide the full solution with all the components you need to operate an OTT infrastructure, so there’s no need to work with multiple vendors. All you need to worry about is the business side of things, we’ll handle the rest.

We can have a complete, fully-customized IPTV/OTT solution up and running for you in a matter of weeks.

A typical IPTV/OTT insfrastructure involves the following components:
*Content ingest with encoders
*Streaming servers
*Content Distribution Network
*STB and mobile Apps

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Our team of experts can help you implement your project, using the industry’s latest technology.
We will also offer assistance and support in every step of the process, including configuration and launch as well as providing training to your administration team.

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