Content Delivery Network

Our blazing fast CDN solutions provide unlimited scalability with Cloud and Local solutions.

Secured CDN for Multimedia

Turman Tech's Content Delivery Network (CDN) was engineered to provide the best possible live streaming experience by using our route optimization technology, ensuring the highest quality delivery to every viewer.
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High Performance CDN

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Worldwide Locations

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Private and Secure

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Live Analytics

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Unlimited Scalability

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24/7 Support

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Accelerated Performance

Our CDN provides fast connection to the internet with guaranteed bandwidth and high quality.

Global Reach

Our network spans the whole world, bringing your content closer to your users.

Smart Delivery

Deliver your content on the fastest possible route with exceptional bandwidth management.


Every connection is routed with safety using SSL encryption security.


Our experts will help you setup, manage and troubleshoot your CDN.

The TurmanTech's Video Streaming CDN.

TurmanTech’s CDN includes an extended network of servers throughout the world, ensuring the delivery of your content to your viewers with the best quality possible , using the fastest route.
Our CDN and cloud services have direct connections to all major internet backbones.

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